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    Value field does not give same filtering capability as regular measures

    Sowmya M

      Hi Community,


      I have created a value list that will allow me to show two measures on a grouped bar chart. I have used Qliksense sample data to explain the issue.


      I have a field to toogle between average and total called 'Aggregation'. I also have a year filter and 2 measures - one for CO2 emissions and other for agriculture.I do not want my year filter to affect the view and it does not affect in Chart1 where I simply added multiple measures, but in chart 2 where i used a value list, the year filter affects my chart.


      Attaching the sample qvf. Let me know where I am wrong.


      Also, I can implement this functionality using multiple measures but if I use a value list I can easily use custom colors.

      If I use chart 1 I have to load a inline script and further complicate the Chart by adding an additional condition.