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    Proper method to delete a document from the server

      Good morning,

      I am about to upgrade an application by moving the original document to to an archive directory and renaming the beta version to the original name. What should I do with the original qvw.beta and qvw.shared. The original and the beta versions both have document CALs associated and have reload schedules. What is the proper procedure for this action?



        • Proper method to delete a document from the server
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Rich,

          Here is what I'd do. First, unassign the document CALs from the documents (which will likely take 24 hours until complete removal). Then, set to "None" the reloading options of the document, so you don't see this document's reload as a task in the Console. Then move the files (or rename them) and rename the new files.

          Although QlikView Server usually understands that a new document with the same name is actually the same document (my guess is that licenses are assigned to document names and same happens to tasks) so it will respect the tasks and licenses just overwriting the old files (or moving the existing to another place in the filesystem, and copying the new ones in the same place), I've sometimes found some issues that these steps have avoided.

          Hope that helps.