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    QV Model working slow

    David Zenesh

      hi all,

      I've developed a QV model and it's working very slow:

      1. DB size 300M recs

      2. SBE server, HW 8 cores with 32G memory.

      the 1st sheet contains about 12 columns which all of them are set-analysis.

      Every click takes about 50 sec to see te relevant data.

      I work on the raw data.

      What do you think I should do in order to see the data much faster.

      Thanks in advanced.



        • QV Model working slow


          Set Analysis can be really expensive, maybe some transformations in the script can avoid the use of that on each column. You said that you db contains 300M records, do you load the whole db in qv ? try to decrease the size of the information by keeping only column that are really relevant, and doing some aggregations in the script to get less rows.

          When you use your document on the full client you can have information about the resource consummation of each object with the document properties, general tab, Memory statistic, it will produce some files indicating which objects are the most expensive. And on the server you will find a qv application that load these files to help you to analyze your one.