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    Derive KPI value

    P Kumar



      Please can you give script example how to derive below KPI in Qlik sense and whether it's better to do in backend or in front end ..please give both example..


      I have to derive SLA KPI ..

      e.g. our KPI should be 85% .. if enquiry raised today (01.07.2016 then it should be replied within 2 working days and in exception secanario it should be 20 working days..

      e.g. to measure KPI -- at least 85% of enquiry for customer should be replied within 2 working days and 15% remaining within 20  working days.



      I have 5 customer ID                                                                                 (IF IT'S LESS THAN 2 DAY ELSE NO

      CUSTOMER ID                      enquiry raised            replied                          within agreement

      100                                        01.01.2016                 03.01.2016                    YES

      101                                        01.01.2016                  05.01.2016                    NO

      102                                         05.06.2016                    07.06.2016                  YES

      103                                         05.06.2016                     06.06.2016                  YES

      104                                        06.06.2016                    10.06.2016                      NO

      105                                         06.06.2016                         08.06.2016               YES


      What I am looking for?

      1. It will be reported Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.and date range ...how to derive this

      2. total number of enquiries raised (count ID) based on selection whether daily, monthyl etc  - KPI

      3. How many are within SLA and how many failed  --- based on selection ..

      4. Percentage of how many passed and failed based on selection

      5. Comparison with previous month or based on selection