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    Empty QVWs not read by the Governance Dashboard?

    Koen Bal

      Hello twa,


      Am I correct that the Governance Dashboard will not scan a qvw if it does not contain data/tables in its datamodel?

      Which has the consequences that my datalineage mises files read by that QVW?



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          Tyler Waterfall

          Koen –

          Not exactly.

          The Governance Dashboard will scan all QVWs and return all the metadata it finds in each QVW. So, if there are any sheets, objects, fields, an owner, etc. in the QVW metadata, this will be ‘scanned’ and captured by the Governance Dashboard.

          Lineage and table/field metadata, however, are only present in a QVW which has data in it.

          So, if you have a QVW that loads data, stores it into a QVD or other file, and then drops all data, the lineage info will not be retained in the QVW.

          The QVDs created by such QVWs would have metadata about the ‘process’ (QVW) that created them, so all is not lost. Just be sure to include the folder(s) where the resultant QVDs are created.


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            Kevin Pinto

            This is a major loss in functionality from Governance Dashboard 1.1 which I believe scanned all QVDs and their headers to determine lineage.


            I have dozens of database table loaders that will have to be modified.  Many belong to other people, so it may not be easily feasible to modify all of them, leading of course to gaps in data.


            Please consider changing the approach to scanning QVDs instead of QVWs.