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    Qlik Sense Server - Change of Domain

    Christian Sellei

      Hi all,


      I have a customer that will change his domain, so, full machine name will change, domain\user will change, etc. It will impact service configuration, access rigth, security rules, object ownership, etc.

      Is there some guide of steps to do in order to migrate their Qlik Sense Central Node to the new domain?




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          Joost Romijn

          Dealing with the same issue here. It is not really documented in the Qlik Sense Help.


          I think the main issue is that you basically can not really do anything after restore, because the Local Admin user in the new domain does not exist in the restored repository database, so you can't log into QMC after restore.


          Did you manage to do this? I'd like to hear how.


          Best regards,


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            Lauri Scharf

            I have a related but slightly different situation: I installed Qlik Sense 3.0 on a server that was not part of a domain. I then created a local Windows account and used that to do stuff in Sense. I then joined the server to a domain, and created a new domain user account with the same name as a local user account. So I now have both:




            I cannot log into the Hub or QMC with domain\jsmith, despite having made it a Qlik root admin and given it permissions and a license token.


            I am nervous about deleting the original local account from Qlik, but I am guessing that I need to do that, because Sense is confused about two accounts with the same User ID (but different domains)?


            Thanks for any guidance.    

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              Joost Romijn

              Is there anyone who has figured this out without manually changing the repository database? We soon have to migrate a Qlik Sense server to another domain again for another client.

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                  Lauri Scharf

                  Hi Joost, The time-consuming things for me were:

                  • Fixing a reference to the domain name that I had hard-coded in the data load editor of each app. In hindsight, I wish I had used a variable instead.
                  • Changing ownership of apps (but luckily you can do many at once in the QMC)


                  If you set up permissions based on roles or a custom field, then you won't have to make any changes to permissions.


                  If you have already made the migration, how did it go?