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    Server objects - can't view, can't find it

      Scenario: If I "clone" an object on the server, and then move and/or resize it, and then close the document, how can I find it again?

      I am using v 10.0.8811.6

      I believe in previous versions I could click on the object in the "server objects pane" and the object would be displayed in the document window. Has that behavior gone away in version 10? If I click on the object in the server objects pane, nothing happens.

      Is the user really supposed to remember where all of these cloned objects are? (I have colleagues who like to clone lots of objects, then modify them, and then they forget where they are)

      I would rather not talk "best practices" here, just want to know how to display these objects in the document. (assuming I can't find it)


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