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    Make Help Text appear after clicking on a Text Object

    Danny Selgo

      Hey everyone. I was hoping if someone had any ideas on how I could get help text to appear after clicking on a text object. Basically, I have the following image I want to place in my app:


      My idea right now is to make a Text Object and set this as the image. What I then want is for a Qlikview Help Text box to appear when I click on it. Like this:


      I can set the Help Text for the Text object, but it only shows when I hover over it. I know that I can have the "button" set a variable and then have another text object with a conditional Show/Hide on it based on if the variable is True or False. This second Text Object would hold my Help Text, but I would like to avoid this because I want to have a Text Object with the same look and feel as the regular Help Text in QlikView.


      Any ideas?