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    Wrong IE plugin is called

      At this moment we have two IE plugins on or computers.

      By all the users he automatic takes the version 10 plugin.

      But my development computer takes the old one. (8.5)

      Can anybody tell me how this can happen?

      Is it my developer software what is the reason for this problem?



        • Wrong IE plugin is called
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Dirk,

          First, make sure you have the link to download the latest plugin enabled in your Accesspoint. Go to the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Setup, QlikView WebServers, Accesspoint, and check "Show link". Apply and from your computer, download and install the new version of plugin. You're likely to have installed the old version of Plugin if you haven't updated.

          In any case, since they are different versions, I'd re-install your development version in a different folder if possible, so they can coexist.

          Hope that helps.