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    How to ignore characters (parts) of an XML

    Christian Chagas

      Good afternoon


      I have a url that opens a web page with an XML table. But the first line of that page is a text with a warning that want to ignore, and the second line actually starts the XML. How to load this URL in QlikView and make him ignore this first row, so that only recognize the XML part?

      This is the error that displays when I try Qlik direct access URL



      If I copy the page content, save in xml and delete the first line, the Qlik recognizes normally.

      If want to test, this is the url I am using http://ts.texus.com.br/1263/api/vehicles/121/subtrips?endDate=2016-05-17T18:45:00&startDate=2016-05-16T06:05:00