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    ServerName, ServerIP, Localhost conflict on the server

    Sravan Puppala

      Hi Guys,

      There was a problem on the Prod Server as the QV Services are being down now and then and giving Problems. With the help from Qliktech as suggested by them, I changed the settings in QEMC from Servername to Server.domainname . Previously it was Servername and replaced it "Servername.Domainname"

      After one day everything fell apart and could not connect to Qlikview command center service like described in this post


      On the server when I open http://localhost/qlikview/login.htm it shows the page of login

      when I now try IP address http://XX.XXX.XX.XX/qlikview/login.htm, No login page appears[XX.XXX.XX.XX is IP Address]

      This gives also Login page. Though I cant login with the name. I dont know what it is.

      I wonder why I cant open with the IPAddress login in the Server??


      Now coming out of the Server on my PC if I open the Accesspoint

      http://XX.XXX.XX.XX/qlikview/login.htm it works and when I open any application it opens


      I wonder how it works with IP Address on my PC?

      Hope someone can show light on this