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    when LY -ve amount CY +ve amount Vriable How to make it display +ve % ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      when compute variable on net profit , i use to get this issue , this is due to net profit can be +ve and -ve changes.


      I have below expression working fine , when LY +ve Value and CY also +Ve value :-

      if((column(1)+column(2))=0,0,(if(fabs(column(1))=0,1,column(2) / column(1)-1)))




      But when LY -ve amount CY +ve amount How to make it display +ve % , now it display -ve % which is not correct , because lst year lost money and CY make money , logical is +Ve , But in math it will compute -ve .


      Now it display -706% (is correct if you manual cal ), how to make it display +706 % , Yet when LY +ve and CY +ve it also able to compute correct % ?