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    Problems setting up a document to "Reload On Multiple Events Completed"

      I have 3 separate documents that create input QVDs for a fourth document. Each of the 3 source QVDs are on a schedule to run overnight, and this works wonderfully.

      However, I am trying to setup the reload properties, through QV Management Console, to trigger the fourth document to reload when the first 3 QVD are completed.

      The problem that I have is that the user interface keeps refreshing/removing the new conditions as soon as I set them. If I add 3 tasks with the green + icon, then 3 lines appear. As soon as a make a change to one of them, all or some of the lines disappear?!

      How can I set the conditions, if they keep disappearing?

      Using QV 10.0.8811.6 x64

      ** EDIT **

      This condition only appears when I edit an exisiting task. If I create a completely, brand-new task, I am able to create the multiple trigger reload task.

      It appears that there is a bug in the AJAX that is keeping a few residual values when editing a reload task. Even deleting the scheduling portion of the task shows the error. Only when I delete the whole task from the right-hand side of the Source Documents tab, and recreate the whole task, does it work properly and allow me to trigger multiple events.