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    Qlik Sense Server - Cannot connect remotely with windows auth

      Hi all,

      When trying to connect to the Qlik Sense Hub on the server running the services, I connect to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.com/hub, it connects fine and asks for my domain\name and password and I can login correctly. However once I try to connect from any computer which isnt the server, even on the same network, it redirects me to http://xxx.xxx.xxx.com:4248/form/?targetId=707a2256-143a-4908-a0de-8dc27c543217 which gives me ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. The strange thing is, is that if I enable Allow Anonymous Connections, I can connect to the hub remotely up until the loading page with the pulsating circles and the it tells me I need an access pass to connect. This tells me it is definitely something to do with the authentication and not the network setup if I can connect to the server.

      Any help is appreciated,

      Lorcan Chinnock