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    Troubleshooting blank Qlik Sense 3.0 blank screen

    Gabriel Iro

      I have noticed that a lot of guys are having problems after upgrading their QlikSense 3.0 desktop.

      I recently resolved one of such issue and I would like to share the solution.


      1. 1.       Be sure that this installation is in a client computer
      2. 2.       Back up all sense application in a private folder
      3. 3.       Uninstall Qlik Sense
      4. 4.       Check the system if any folder and or files of Qlik Sense that did not disappear after the uninstallation
      5. 5.       Go to the registry and then HKEY_CURRENT_USER, under SOFTWARE
      6. 6.       Check if there is an entry / folder called QlikTech or Qlik. (Qlik = Qliksense), (QlikTech = QlikView)
      7. 7.       If they have QlikView desktop installed that they are using, do not delete QlikTech folder.
      8. 8.       Otherwise, delete either of both entries / folders from the Registry.
      9. 9.       Restart the computer
      10. 10.   Run the Qlik Sense 3.0 installer as an administrator
      11. 11.   Congratulations! Qlik Sense is now working again

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