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    Publisher does not create documents



      i am trying to use the publisher to save my resulting qvw in a special folder after reload... the document should be accessible to all authenticated users.

      i defined the task and the document is updated as i want. only the last step (copy in my target folder) is not done. the log file reports no error.

      the distribute is defined in QEMC->Documents ->source Documents -> {my document's task } ->Distribute -> Manually ->

      Server: {myServer}

      Mount: PublishedDocuments (which is a mount point i defined)

      Users or Groups: Authenticated Users;

      That does not work ;(


      Otherwise if i set values on the same page below : "Distribute to Folder" .. it works!!

      but the problem is that in this case i can't chose "Authenticated Users"... here i must chose single user names.. and that is no option for me.


      any help appreciated

      i am using Qlikview Server 9.0.7773


      thanks in advance and best regards