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    nPrinting 16 - Pixel Perfect Keep Together

      Good morning,


      I have created an nPrinting report using a Pixel Perfect template that creates a directory of stores and store hours. It is broken up by State, County, and City. However, I'm having some trouble getting the columns to break at the correct points.


      The report levels look like this:

      Store Type

         State Name

           County Name

              City Name

                 Store Info (name, address, hours, etc.)


      I have 3 columns on each page, and I only want a column to break after a completed Store Info section. In other words, I don't want a column to end with Type/State/County/City as the last line in the column, and I don't want it to end with half of a store's information carrying over to the next column/page. If there's not enough room for each of the sub-levels and one Store Info, I'd like the whole block to start on the next column/page.


      I'm having a heck of a time getting this to work and the behavior seems inconsistent. I'm seeing it break after County and City very often despite me enabling Keep Together on the sections. It's like my settings are getting ignored. I have experimented with several settings combinations but can't get it to display correctly. Anybody have any suggestions on what to do?