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    How to forcefully remove Qlik Connectors?

    Vishnu Chakrakishore

      Hello All,


      Is there a way to forcefully remove all the Qlik Connectors?


      I'm trying to establish a Teradata connection and I get the error: "You do not have access to the data source"


      I read a post on Qlik Community about this: ODBC Connection - You do not have access to the data source


      But there are some security issues that would prevent me from adopting this solution.


      I am trying to remove all the connectors and teradata drivers and reload the drivers from the start to see if this helps.




        • Re: How to forcefully remove Qlik Connectors?
          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Vishnu - if the add / remove program item for the connector is not present,



          you can try going to: C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Custom Data


          and remove all folders:



          However, I am not sure about the registry entries, you may have to remove those manually by searching the registry.



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          Mike Tarallo