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    Displaying columns, fields from Excel as a chart.

      I am trying to create a simple dashboard that shows me how may days are due to project deadlines. It is a simple spreadsheet with a column with the "Project Name" and a "Days Due" column. I want a bar graph that shows the project name on the X axis and the days due on the Y axis within a time that I specify. In other words each project has a total due date of 90 days. However I want see when the due date is less than 30 days away. I am hoping to do this based  on color.


      Some coloring options. Bar is normally green, when the due date is <=20 then it turns orange, when the due date is <=15 days away the bar turns red. Graph Y axis should be detailed enough to see how many days are left when the due days gets to the 30 day mark. Or perhaps the X axis could display the project name and a numerical due days.


      I can insert a table that shows the project names an the due dates. But the graphing part is not working .I can display the project names on the bottom of the graph and I can make bars appear on the graph but they do not reflect the data that is in the spreadsheet. The due date is just a number. I just want to display that number as a bar. I tried some of the functions. Count() makes each bar a value of 1, and Sum() makes a graph with plus and minus values. I don't know how to just display the number as it is. I am familiar with Excel functions but these are not the same.