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    Stephen Charles

      Our users are beginning to get too many QV documents showing up in the IE Plugin. We are using Publisher to authorize documents for users to see. We want to set up 1 QV document to show in the IE Plugin and when the user opens this document it has buttons or ??? that will open up other QV documents in the IE Plugin.

      Can this be done and how?



        • IEPlugin Main Menu QVW

          Hi Charles,

          Just download the plugin and set it as a default plugin in browser.

          otherwise there is a options listed while clicking the application in browser that time select the plugin option

            • IEPlugin Main Menu QVW
              Stephen Charles

              Using the plug in is not the problem. The problem is not being able to use a button in the document with code like"

              set App = ActiveDocument.Get Application

              set newdoc = App.openDoc("My Location\MyFile.qvw"),"","")

              to open another document from within the plugin.


            • IEPlugin Main Menu QVW
              Patrick Laredo

              Hi Stephen,

              we do this in v8.5. Available documents are shown in a list box. the user selects a document and hits a button which is set with function launch/export.

              On the launch tab the browser is set as the application to be launched and the parameter passed to it is the url of the qvw to be opened.

              the available documents are loaded into this initial qvw (we call it a "menu") with a user friendly name and a physical name which wil be used in the parameter mentioned above. We also load in the data saying which documents each user can see so that a user does not have to see lots of irrelevant entries.

              From looking at some posts on the forum in versions 9 and onwards the launch/export will be replaced by actions one of which is the opening of a new document. I haven't been able to look at this as yet so am not sure how it works.