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    nprinting conditional format in pixel perfect not working as expected

    Deborah Pyykkonen

      I am trying to change the color of the background and font based on the value of the field.  I bring in a text field into nprinting that contains the one of the words:  Green, White, Yellow or Red.  If the value is Green then background should be green and font white, if it is Yellow then background is yellow and font black, etc...


      It doesn't look like you can do a nested if as there is only one option for the colors in the formatting rules.  So I created 4 rules and attached them to the object (text field) in the report that contains the value.  But it is nto working as expected.  It formats them to the value of the last rule.  See image.  In the example below.  All of the boxes are red because red is the last rule of the 4.


      The formula is the same in all of them.  I am just changing the text for the color and the final format.

      What am I doing wrong?