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    QV9 / Ajax : Alternative way to "Send To Excel" in QV10?


      we use QV9 to make an AJAX Version of a QV-Document available on the internet. When customers use the "send to excel" functionality, a file is created and then being downloaded. This, however, assumes that you configure the QV Server to output the file to a path that is accessible by the webserver. In our scenario, security policies forbid to store user-related data on a webserver - even temporarily - which is why we had to create a really ugly workaround.

      Opposed to this, the QV Plugin sends Excel data as a stream, not generating a temporary file on the server's harddisk.

      What I'd really like know : does the QV10 Ajax client support streaming XLS-Data? We really have to get rid of our Workaround, as it is super slow (based on Webservices and custom server-side action)...

      Thanks a lot in advance!