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    New line in Help Text

    Georgina Spary


      Hi - I have written a couple of web based dashboards, they're for new users so I've written really long Help Texts on each object (using Properties...Caption... Help Text). Unfortunately most of my users have either Google Chrome or Firefox and it doesn't recognise a line feed - all you get is all the text on one huge block which is really off putting. Is there any way I can put a new line in?

      I know I could build individual text boxes but there are so many help texts! Does anyone have a solution within the Help Text box? I've tried CHR(13) and CHAR(10) and they don't work - although other ascii codes do (e.g. CHR(68) prints a 'D').

      Would be really grateful for some help



        • New line in Help Text
          Gordon Savage

          Have you tried defining the help text like this?


          ='my text' & chr(10) & 'some more'



            • New line in Help Text
              Georgina Spary

              Hi Gordon, yes here was my attempt code

              ='Help 1 follwed by chr13' & CHR(13) &'Help 2 followed by chr(10) ' & chr(10) &'Help 3 followed by chr(12) ' & chr(12) &'Help 4 followed by chr(68)' & chr(68) & 'end' in the server gives me

              then in Google Chrome it looks like

              it's turning the line feed into a space character.

                • New line in Help Text
                  Gordon Savage

                  The manual for v9sr4 says that Firefox 2 or 3 and Google Chrome 1 are 'compatible web browser' for the Java clients and Ajax ZFP. I dont know what later Qlikview versions support though.

                  If this is your environmment then you may need to talk to support.

                  The only other options are perhaps to create pseudo-help texts at the column level using small text fields with context specific help or links to (read only) text documents containing the help but I guess that doesnt resolve the fundamental problem.

                  Good luck!


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                Dieter Decapmaker



                seems like an old question but apparently not fully answered?

                Was facing a similar issue in info bubble for geo analytics and found following (using HTML to some extend):


                'my text on 1st line <br>'&'Mytext on second line<br>'&'thirdline text<br>'

                (secure <br> is included at the end of each text line)


                br// Dieter