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    Creating a dimension based on Measure

    Sandra Pinto


      I have created a master Item - Measure - that is meant to count the number of orders on my Data Set. This count is based on the OrderNumber field. My data set has more than one row for each Order. Therefore my Measure looks like this:


      Count(distinct OrderNumber)


      Now, I want to create a new dimention based on this measure. The dimention needs to count the number of orders so that it divides the order count into 3 groups:

      Group 1: Orders that contain less than 30 product items.

      Group2: Orders with 31-200 product items.

      Group 3: Orders with more than 200 product items.


      The product item field is names "Qty"


      My end goal is to show how many orders I have with less than 30 items, how many orders with 31-200 items and how many orders with more than 200 items.


      Hope I was clear


      Mant thanks in advance