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    Qlikview Access Point and Authentication

      Hi All ,

      Please help me with this issue .We are using Access point and Windows authentication for Qlikview Server 9.0 SR2.

      1. Whenever I type in the URL for Access Point i am getting logged in as anonymous and i have to Click on the Login Button to again to login into the QV Server.I have explicitly prohibited Anonymous access on the Enterprise Management Console and checked the on domain option.Why is this happening?
      2. We need the users to be able to change their passwords when they next login into their system.I am using the Option "User should Change Password on Next Logon" in Windows Server 2008 Users and Groups Options .But i do not get option to change my password and even i am unable to login into the system using the default passwords which i created when this option is set.

      Please refer to the attachment for more information.



        • Qlikview Access Point and Authentication
          Ashfaq Mohammed

          HI Shiva

          The very first thing what you have to do is set back your authentication to allow anonymous

          and User cannot change his password via access point

          for this what you can offer them is to. First ask them to logged in to their pc using the account you created by this they can change their password and also it is manditory for a user to log in to desktop before logged in to Access point.

          I'm dan sure this will help you out



          • Qlikview Access Point and Authentication
            Ashfaq Mohammed

            Hi shiva,

            Is that You are creating Domain Accounts for the users or Local Accounts on qlik view server?

            If it is a domain account then simply join users Pc they are using to domain, and ask them to logon to their pc by using their domain account. If you select users can change their password then sure for that it will be prompting you to change password.


            Secondly if you create local accounts on qlikview itself. Ask them to logon to your qlikview server using the account you create for them.

            By this they can change their passwords


            There is no support as such provided by access point to change password rumtime.

            hope this helps.

            If you still need something else. Feel free to ask.