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    Overlapping parent/child dimensions

      I have a tiered list of codes, in which a single code "ABC" will be a standalone entity as well as be the parent of codes "XYZ" and "DEF"


      I am hoping to set up a view in my dashboard where filtering on dimension "Code" ABC, will give me one chart with a SALES measure for ABC as a code, and another chart in which the SALES return the values for ABC as a parent (thus SALES for DEF and XYZ)


      Code      Parent

      ABC       ZZZ

      XYZ       ABC

      DEF       ABC

      AAA     DSH

      BBB     XYZ

      CCC     XYZ


      I have multiple measures I would want to use with this so the Hierarchy function examples seem to only apply to smaller data sets or I am not able to get the script load to work.Not sure if there is a simple way within each individual chart to specify when I want to take values as a parent vs a child


      Any help would be appreciated!