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    ErrorCount Definitions?


      Hi all,

      Does anyone have any generic descriptions for the causes behind ErrorCounts 3 & 4 when QlikView Publisher tasks fail? We usually have tasks fail a couple of times a week with ErrorCount=3 and we think this is due to timeout's or source system db locks. But this morning, our entire schedule failed with ErrorCount=4 and that has confused us a bit...



        • ErrorCount Definitions?
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Andy,

          That ErrorCount variable only stores the numbers of errors that the reload or publishing task has produced. You will need to create a log (Settings menu, Document Properties, General tab, check "Generate Logfile" and "Timestamp in LogFile Name"). The log will show the last executed line of the script so it may help you debugging the problem.

          Hope that helps.