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    Scripting in JS

    vivek Moningi

      Hi Guys,


      I am new to qlikview extension objects as i am building one so i have few doubts

      1. is it necessary to have measure in the extension object

      2. i have 2 dimension fields i want to call them in the script how can i do that because i just need the field value to be passed to the script

      any suggestions ?



        • Re: Scripting in JS
          Peter Cammaert

          It may be helpful for you to start with the basics. This document explains how to set-up an example extension with dimensions and measures.


          See Extension Object Basics.doc


          And no, it isn't necessary to have measures in your extension object. You can also create an extension that doesn't use QlikView data, or with just dimensions. Like for example an alternate listbox format.