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    How to set up dynamic filters, scheduling and tasks in NPrinting 16

    Lokesh Patel

      Hi Guys,



      • I have 5 different excel reports
      • 8 different customers.
      • All 8 customers will get reports they are assigned to.
      • And the report has a customer field 'Cycle' so each customer only gets their data.



      • All 8 customers have different report schedules
      • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
      • And they should only get their report based on their Reporting Schedule and only contain data for that date range


      Report ScheduleDelivery Date
      Monthly1st of the month
      Twice Monthly

      1st of the month

      16th of the month


      1st Monday of the month

      • Only if the 1st day of the month is a Tuesday or Wednesday)

      2nd Monday of the month
      3rd Monday of the month
      4th Monday of the month
      5th Monday of the month (do nothing)
      1st day of every month


      It is not an easy one but just wanted your opinion / feedback / techniques to achieve this.

      Is it even possible that NPringing can run tasks and apply filters based on the above mentioned logic?