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    Tree Traversal in Script possible?

      Hi everyone.


      I have a tree structure, which I am using QlikView for analyzing (probably not the best choice, but no other is available right now). Now I have to calculate a measure (criticality) of each node. A simple post-order traversal of the tree would be sufficient.


      However, I have no clue on how to implement this either as an expression, preferebly as table in the script.

      Here is some sample data, which is distributed in two tables:


      Line  StationA   StationB

      A-B   A             B

      B-C   B             C

      B-D   B             D

      C-E   C             E

      D-G   D            G

      E-F   E             F


      StationB   Num

      B             14

      C             10

      D             8

      E             2

      F             6

      G            4


      As Output I would like to have a table in this manner:

      line    criticality

      A-B     50 (20+18+12)

      B-C     18  (10+8)

      B-D    12   ...

      C-E     8

      D-G    4

      E-F     6


      I don't want to calculate them by hand, because the number of records is much larger. If there is not "easy" or "efficient" way to do this in QlikView I woud probably do it in R.


      Thank you in advance for some advice.

      Best Regards