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    how to make scale not to work when u select a field

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

      how to make scale of a line chart not to get effect when u select a value from the chart dimension  \

      dimension:Movement Time,


      Axes--->scale--->static max--->


      max(Aggr(count({<[Movement Time]={"*"}>}DISTINCT [Individual ID]),[Movement Time]))


      now if i take a Zone filed in list box and choose a value from the filed ....that choose value should not effect the scale ,

      so i have doen this in scale expression ,which was working great

      max(Aggr(count({<[Movement Time]={"*"},Zone=>}DISTINCT [Individual ID]),[Movement Time]))

      but I was told from my boss that causing some other problem ,so he wants me to do it in different way ....

      he suggest me to use RANGEMAX function to over come this ...but i have no clue how to use this function

      can any one suggest me how to write above expression using rangemax... plzzzzzzzzzz






        • Re: how to make scale not to work when u select a field
          Sunny Talwar

          I would not have thought this to work:

          Max(Aggr(count({<[Movement Time]={"*"},Zone=>}DISTINCT [Individual ID]),[Movement Time]))


          without this addition as well

          Max({<Zone = >}Aggr(count({<[Movement Time]={"*"},Zone=>}DISTINCT [Individual ID]),[Movement Time]))


          Get the same result using RangeMax? I don't think that this is possible. What kind of issues came up? Would you be able to inquire with your boss?