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    ¡ Formula Percent !

    Maximiliano Carena

      Dear, I want to calculate the share of sales (Ventas) by cards (Tarjeta) percentage (% Particip.) but for every month (Mes) in the pivot table when I have opened every month (Mes) I calculated the percentage (% Particip.) of the sale but not closed for each month (Mes) (see image 1), but the divide each sale of card (Tarjeta) but by the total universe of months (Mes). However when I see only an achievement month what I want (see picture 2) in the total of the month I see the participation of 100%.

      The formula used in the measure of participation % (% Perticip.) is Sum (Sales) / Sum (Total Sales)

      Who can advise me? It is possible in the complete pivot table?


      Qlik im 1.jpg

      Qlik im 2.JPG