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    Publishing over the web


      What is the way to give access to a remote end-user to access a qlikview dashboard in a browser.

      I have downloaded the Qlikview Server, connected to the DB and created a new QVP file and built a few Charts and tabular reports. Now I want to see the same dashboard in a browser. What is the standard way to do that?

      I'm not sure if qlikview publisher is the right component for that. (Is it a seperate download ?). I also came across IE plugins / AJAX Clients et, but could not find much documentation around that.




        • Publishing over the web
          Ashfaq Mohammed


          To do this you don't Even need publisher.

          Do you have License for qlikview server?

          if not contack QlikTech to obtain license.

          Once your server is licensed

          then by default there will be a directory where the applications are place

          by default it will be


          then place the newly created application in this folder. By this it will be visible to end user.

          if you don;t find that path

          then go to qemc-->system tab --> setup tab--> then expand qlikview server then select server --> then go to folder tab.

          this is the place where you need to add the newly created application.

          so that it will be visible to end users.

          hope tis helps you.

          If you have still something to be known then do let me know