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    getting GeoLocation Data

      Hi All,


      I was wandering if there is a way to get the GeoLocation data from the device that is running the dashboard into the dashboard itself. I am making a weather dash with data from all the weather stations in the Netherlands. This gives me 53 point on a map. But now i wanna make a sheet that presents the data from the station the closest to the user of the dashboard.


      Hope this is possible.




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          I've found a website that returns the GeoLocation based on the IP address of the machine that is using the qlik app. This is almost what i want, but it gives me a small problem. The IP address doesn't always returns the location of the user, for instance when i use the hotspot of my phone to open the app it returns the location of my provider KPN.


          Is there a way to not use the IP address location, but instead the GPS of the device? say iPhone or Laptop.