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    ODBC connects to mysql but doesnt load table contents

      I am using Qlik Sense Desktop v 3.0 to connect to a mysql community edition database accross a network using mysql-connector-odbc 5.3.

      When I connect to the database, QLik appears to connect correctly, I can see my database on the drop down screen and the list of tables from my database populates on the left hand side.

      However  when I click on one of the tables, I cannot load any row data into quick view.

      I have tested my connection using an alternative mysql client on the same machine and apparently can make sql queries accross the network on the same machine.


      I do not see any error messages, but I also notice that the "Owner" drop down on the top left is "undefined" and does not give me any options.  I tried with both 32 bit and 64bit drivers and got the same problem.


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice.