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    Master Detail Table: Please Suggest a Layout design

    PapayyaSastry Challa

      Master Detail Table: Please suggest best Layout design:

      I have  a Header table and linked with detail table. Lets Assume if I have a header table which has data as below:

      Header Interface Data:(here I have lot of columns to be added scroll bar needed.

           LedgerName  ,  Periodname, Description ,  Total Count:

      Data  Eg:        usa_ledger       Jan-16         Error               10

      Detail Interface Data:   will have 10 rows with details of the Journals:  (Scroll Bar needed)

           Detail_Column1 .........................................DetailColumn N


      I have single column list box showing  Period Years, Period Months:  User Upon clicking the mutiple Period Year  Month we need the Header interface data to be displayed with Total count. Upon Clicking the  Header interface data table we need to display the child records. Please suggest best bossible layout design. I am not sure what could be best to show  Straight Table/Pivot Table.


      Thanks in Advance and appreciate your suggestions and effort to help.


      Sastry Challa