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    Combined bar chart adding data instead of using percentage

      Hello. I am working on a project for my company and I am new to Qlik. I'm trying to create a combo bar chart that shows the Ceiling (Total) value of a government contract and the Spending to Date of this contract. However, when I graph them, it ADDS the two values together. An example is the contract highlighted in the Excel sheet at the top row number 1385, and on the Qlik attachment the contract is called "BAMS UAS Maritime Surveillance", (they are the contract name and number respectively, you can't see the name in the Excel attachment because there are about 20 columns and the screen is moved over). The J column is the Total Ceiling Value of the Contract and the K column is the spending to date. As you can see, the contract is almost fully "spent." However, when I graph into Qlik (see attached) it ADDS the two values and the bar on the graph represents over $5 M instead of the contract being $2.9 M total with $2.8 M spent. How do I fix this?


      In addition, column L on the Excel spreadsheet is "Percentage of Ceiling Value Spent" but the graph doesn't work when I try to graph this as a measure.


      Ultimately, I want the bar graph to show that the contract's full value is $2.9 million and that $2.7 has been spent. So, looking at the attached screenshot, the BAMS UAS bar should stop at $2.9 million and most of it should be red because $2.7 has been spent, instead of Qlik adding both and making the bar seem like it's $5.85 M total.