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    Date fields in the same filter?

    Mark Guthrie

      I have a very odd data set being pulled from 2 third party applications.


      Basically 1 data set is composed of 3 parts of data that all relate based on a quoteid, the second set of data is 1 chunk that contains all the data it needs.


      To get the total picture I basically need to have the numbers from these two added together (which I think I have down already) but filtering is eluding me. The only thing the data sets should be linked on is the name of the agent that is doing the work. I have dates in each data set that ideally I could combine into a big filter so that if I filter to year 2016 it filters the dates on both of them. I don't want to name the dates the same because it jacks up the linking. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.