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    90 Day rolling average

    Troy Strachan

      Hey again guys,

      I'm now working on a 90 day rolling average.

      I've tried a variety of solutions listed on here, but maybe using the fields I am working with, I have messed up the syntax (I'm hoping it's something as simple as that).

      I've tried using these equations:

      Set Analysis for certain Point in Time


      More specifically, the one I have been working with the most is:

      Sum({<Year=, Quarter=, Month=, Week=, Date={‘>=$(=Date(Today()-9))<=$(=Today())’}>} Sales )


      Here's what I have adapted

      Sum( {<Date={‘>=$(=Date(Today()-89))<=$(=Today())’}>} [Line Amount] )


      So I'm trying to total up the Line Amount field for the last 90 days. I get null values.

      I have a couple other places to use this within an if statement as well.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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