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    24hr Document CAL lockout


      Please could someone (preferably from Qlikview) explain why there is a 24 hour lockout period for Document CAL's?

      The only use i can see for this is to cause an inconvenience and to force us into purchasing more un-needed Document CAL's.

      If when a user is finished with a report why the Document CAL cant be released straight away to allow another user to connect? Whats with the 24hour lockout?


      We are running Qlikview version 9, and havent seen that this has changed in version 10.



        • 24hr Document CAL lockout
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce


          If that quarantine period wouldn't exist, you only need one license (just have a user continuously changing the assingments of licenses), so there is a commercial point of view in this for sure, and there likely is for security too. The document is not just one report, the user may need to check one sheet, or even just one chart today, but tomorrow you have developed more objects, tables and so, and the user can see the whole document. On the other hand, if you only need some very specific reports, create them in your document, print them in PDF and send them to their correspoding users. That's one of the features in Publisher (QVW and PDF publishing -additional license to Server).

          This hasn't changed in version 10.


            • 24hr Document CAL lockout

              Thanks for your quick reply Miguel.

              I understand the commercial point, but i dont think its a very fair way of doing it. seeing as the software itself is already very expensive.

              If i'd have known this before purchasing Qlikview i would have sourced an alternative elsewhere. Now that we've purchased Qlikview and are aware of the licensing model we now cant wait to replace it with an alternative.

              • 24hr Document CAL lockout

                Migueal, your comment "If that quarantine period wouldn't exist, you only need one license (just have a user continuously changing the assingments of licenses)"

                Whats the problem with this?...These are our licenses so we can do with them as we wish, if we want to assign licenses to other users/documents then we can do so...the point im trying to make is that the 24hour lockout is ridiculous and only there to force your customers into purchasing more licenses...when in fact you shouldnt need to.


                Maybe we should blame our Qlikview sales rep for not explaining this before hand, but in fact if we knew this before hand we would've sourced an alternative elsewhere.

                The fact remains, when a user is finished with a document, the license should be realeased immediately, not after 24hours.

                I will never recommend Qlikview to anyone because of this.


              • 24hr Document CAL lockout
                Ashfaq Mohammed

                Hi NowtelUk

                To your point this software is more Expensive....

                Let me tell you that this software is more cheap then business objects, cognose, hyperian...

                and I belive provides more flexibility then the above ones.

                And you can implement things faster when compared to the above one's.

                Regarding licensing

                There will be room always as such in qlikview Even.

                The license what you purchase might be Named Cal or Document cal....

                I suggest you to purchase session CAL. Where in after specific time of use your license will be released immediately.

                In this option you need not to wait for 24 hours.

                Hope it helps you.