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    Display only last 10 records in qlik sense app using Table

      I am using Qlik Sense to create my app in which I have a table. The table displays Product Name,Seller ID,Date and Sales.

      SunGlassesMr A21-01-20161000
      Wrist WatchMr B21-01-20166000
      SunGlassesMr A25-01-20163000
      WalletMr B01-02-20164000
      HandBagMr B02-02-2016500

      and So on.....


      I sorted the data on Date and Sales. Now in the report, We have to display only 10 records which have maximum sales.

      I tried using the Bottom 10 property but it seems it does not work in table.


      Is there any way to achieve this in the qlik sense app using table?