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    issue with value from qvd

    Johan Hessler

      Hi community

      I have developed an app that check if the data found in two QVD's are identical ("cell-by-cell").

      I do this by creating a PK field for both QVDs and then join the crosstabled data and afterwards only keep values where QVD1_VALUE <> QVD2_VALUE (all scripting)


      My Qv App founds some lines where the value differ but the problem is that i cannot find the difference myself.

      For some reason QVD1_VALUE differs from trim(QVD1_VALUE) but both len(QVD1_VALUE) and len(trim(QVD1_VALUE)) returns the same (8). The value is treated as a numeric value (isnum).


      Can anyone share some lights on why QVD1_VALUE doesn't equal trim(QVD1_VALUE) ??


      And yes, the purpose of the application is to verify that QVD1_VALUE eq. QVD2_VALUE but i have narrowed it down to some sort of issue with QVD1_VALUE (as a trim(QVD1_VALUE) eq. QVD2_VALUE)


      Looking forward for some answers


      br Johan