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    Is Section Access ignoring the domain part of NTNAME?

    Peter Cammaert

      I am having this weird situation where QlikView Server is granting access to a user that resides in a different domain than the one specified by the NTNAME field.


      Imagine a user in the original domain ABC has an NTNAME value in Section Access of ABC\BOB. That user has been moved to a new domain XYZ weeks ago, and since then is unable to log into the old domain in Windows. So everywhere in QlikView (CAL assignment, distributions etc.) this user is now known as XYZ\BOB. Printing =OSUser() in a text box on a sheet confirms his AD identity.


      Unfortunately, NTNAME still specifies ABC\BOB which would in my opinion deny access to this document to user BOB. Not so... The user XYZ\BOB with NTNAME value ABC\BOB is still granted access to the document


      Is Section Access ignoring the domain part when comparing NTNAME values to the logon ID as returned by the OS?


      Note that Section Access is working (user XYZ\PHIL cannot get in: Access Denied) and NTNAME has an exact copy in a field in Section Application field for inspection. This field is also reduced to ABC\BOB by Data Reduction.