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    Straight table issue

      I am using Qliksense


      Attached please find the sample data, sample qvw and screen shot.  I have a Year and Launch Year fields.  So In each Year I can have multiple Launch Years, for example  Year=2016 will have launch Years 2016,2015,2014 etc

      for Year 2015  will have launch Years 2016,2015,2014 etc.


      Now I want to use the following grouping:


      =If(LaunchYear >= Year,'<1 Year',

      If(LaunchYear >= (Year-2) and LaunchYear < Year,'Prior 2 Years',

      If(LaunchYear <= (Year-3), 'Prior 3 Year')))


      But at the same time I want to exclude any future Launch Years. For  example , If I am in Year 2015, I  want to see only Launch Years <= 2015 and then in the last column I would to sum the total for each Year.


      Looking for the solution