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    swf files in Extension Objects

    Al McEwan

      Hi All

      I am trying to figure out how to include a swf file in an Extension Object using the Gantt Chart example from the SDK as a reference. The code for the Flash object prepares the following HTML string (and then there are a bunch of parameters):

      html += "<object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=8,0,0,0\" width="" + ganttWidth + "" height="" + ganttHeight + "" id="" + chartTitle + "" >";

      When I refresh the page in QlikView it asks me to install Flash Player. I already have the appropriate version of Flash Player installed on my laptop and I can successfully display the swf object within a standard HTML page, but the QlikView Extension Object does not recognise this. I have tried accepting its suggestion to install Flash Player but it does not seem to install (or help at all).

      Is there something special that I need to do to enable QlikView to recognise the installed Flash Player? Does it need to be registered within the web viewer that is used within QlikView (if that exists)? Any other ideas? I am using QV10 SP1.