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    QS3.0 'opportunities'

    Jon Morrison

      Found this thread Re: Qliksense desktop 3.0, connection between tables are lost after upgrading

      But it just says to relink the tables using the new drop and drag process. 


      I've also seen/found that I can create/force Associations between tables/fields that wasn't previously possible in 2.2.   Very much like this capability


      However, I'm still experiencing issues with reloading data - I keep getting script errors - I've only used the Data Manager not the Data Load Editor in 2.2 - so what's broke is what QS created dynamically.

      Idiot me - I've broken one app- since I unlocked the auto-generated section and yep it warned me - there is no going back - so all linkages will now have to be made via the scripting language.  I'm now trying to rebuild with a new app (since my scripting skills are limited).


      My questions

      1.  Why do Associations created in 2.2 need to be re-associated in 3.0?  Shouldn't Sense have the sense to carry those forward and not #$#*()# up existing apps?  And where is the fix to this - vs having to go in and re-Associate everything by hand as the above referenced thread 'answered'  - that's not a good answer.

      2.  Are there other such 'opportunities' - aka undocumented features, aka bugs - that people have run into ?   I only saw a couple threads on issues?

      3.  Since I've never had to try - are there threads/videos/blogs that provide guidance so I can move my visualizations from an old (2.2) app to a (3.0) new app?


      Many thanks!