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    Lost Connection in Server - Reconnecting - AJAX

    Aaron Couron

      I have a fairly large document (2gb / 300 million records). It is a little sluggish to make selections etc, which is understandable, but my big problem is that the users are unable to get one of the sheets to appear using AJAX. After 60 seconds, it gives the error: Lost Connection To Server ... Reconnecting. And then it loses all selections and reverts back to the starting sheet. This is ALWAYS happening 60 seconds after clicking on the problem sheet.

      Is there a timeout setting that can be adjusted to let it wait a little longer before resetting? I looked through the QEMC and none of the settings seem to correspond to this specific issue. Maybe there is a setting in one of the config files or registry.

      We are using QWS on version 9SR7

      Anybody have an idea?