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    Qlikview NPrinting Recipient Import Issue

    Renuga Rajendiran



      I have an issue in Nprinting Recipient Import. The issue is old recipients not deleted and not updated the old recipients group.


      For example:


      recipients have some groups like A,B and C.

      recipient "K.M.N" have C group when first time I import.

      after one month recipient "K.M.N" has changed to A group and recipient "M.S.N" is deleted.

      and also I have added new recipient "G.G.N"


      Now I import the recipients using recipient import task.

      here I select the import rule as "All Recipients" and check the "Delete old recipients" box.

      then I run the task.


      My expected result is

      Recipient "K.M.N" have only A group

      Recipient "M.S.N" is deleted and added new recipient "G.G.N"


      but the actual result is

      Only "G.G.N" recipient is updated.


      I have attached all Screenshot for this scenario.