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    Documents won't reload QVS 10 SR1

      I'm using QlikView Server 10 SR1 (version 10.0.8811.6) with a Server/Publisher license.

      I am just trying to schedule my documents to reload, but I can't.

      First of all, when I setup one User Document to reload every 5 minutes, give it a start time of right now and click Apply, it simply doesn't do anything. I've waited at least half an hour, and nothing happens. I can't find any log files explaining what went wrong, and the Status tab says "No tasks to display". What am i doing wrong?

      Secondly, I can't seem to make any of my documents Source Documents (which would let me create Publisher tasks, right?). How do I make a document a Source Document?

        • Documents won't reload QVS 10 SR1
          Ashfaq Mohammed


          If you are using qlikview Server SR1 with server and publisher.

          first let me conform that how many tab's you see in Documents tab of qlik view server.

          If you see two sub tabs by name Sourse document and user documents this means you have publisher.

          if you only have User document then it says that you don't have publisher license.

          Scenerio only server

          If you have server without publisher then in document's tab you will find only one sub tab by name users documents.

          here is the place you do scheduling and all.


          But I believe you have publisher even.

          Scenerio server with publisher

          If you have this case then in document tab you will find two sub tabs by name sourse document and user document.

          and if you go to user documents and try to reload document or schedule task you cannot do this from here.

          you can schedule documents which are there in sourse tab only.

          In order to acheive this.

          go to wemc --> systems tab --> setup --> management service --> distribution service --> expand it and select qds@server --> go to general tab here you will find application data folder section. Point this to you project directory where your applications are present.

          and even change the location of qlikvies server folder to pint to some new folder.

          Hope this helps

          If you have still more clarification then feel free to ask



          • Documents won't reload QVS 10 SR1

            Update: My QDS service was dead. I had to stop it and restart it a few times (it had become unresponsive), then I had to wait for QVS to detect that it was back up. Now I can see my "Source Documents" and I can create Publisher tasks.