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    Performance issue - Tech question

    Anat Ezra


      We are having some performance issues on the QV server.

      Our IT monitored the server (virtual) and noticed disk subsystem latency.

      They are asking me the following question:



      From our monitoring tools we observe that QlickView writes the data in the big blocks (256k). In order to configure virtual flash we have to be sure about it.

      Can you approve?


      Performance issue - IO Frequency.png

      Does anyone knows the answer?





        • Re: Performance issue - Tech question
          Grygoriy Terenin



          I just can give you my personal observations:

          big files, like qvw or qvd are written in big blocks, small files, like configs,logs , meta/shared files, are written in small blocks.

          So we configured the storage with logs and configs apart of "main" storage for the data (qvw/qvd). Also we've configured bigger block size on the "data" storage.